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What makes us different

Management Consulting Made Sustainable

With our team's wealth of hands-on experience and diverse knowledge, we are able to deliver tailored solutions that address our clients' specific challenges and opportunities. Whether it's leveraging our consulting and startup expertise to bring fresh ideas or drawing on our corporate experience to provide practical insights, our senior team's unique blend of skills enables us to provide our clients with unparalleled value and drive long-term success

Strategic Transformation



Strategic Transformation

Bridging the gap between strategy and implementation

Strategic Transformation

Spearhead's approach to strategic transformation is uniquely effective due to our blend of consulting best practices with decades of hands-on experience. Our team has been at the forefront of complex business transformations at leading global companies, equipping us with unparalleled insights and skills. This rich background enables us to not just advise, but to actively lead and implement changes that yield real, tangible results. 

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Johanna Allert, Strategic Transformation Lead

"I apply my 25+ years of hands-on experience in strategy and transformation from C-level roles at leading Swedish companies such as Postnord and Sandvik to make a real difference for our clients"

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Futureproofing Your Business

Innovation Strategy Development

Successful innovators apply a structured approach and understand the value of fostering an innovative culture. A structured approach to innovation drives future growth by investing in new products or processes. It fosters resilience, keeping companies competitive and adaptable, and sustains a creative culture to attract and retain top talent.

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David Spennare, Co-Managing Director & Innovation Lead

"More than 10 years of experience within innovation and business building from consulting, corporates and several own ventures has given me a deep understanding of how to identify, build, test and scale new innovations"

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Connecting Sustainability & Business Value

ESG Compliance & Reporting

The current business landscape necessitates ESG reporting, with companies required to disclose their environmental, social, and governance impacts. This requirement presents a complication as many businesses find navigating the complexities of ESG reporting challenging, often struggling to understand what is expected of them and how to effectively compile and present this information.

Spearhead addresses this challenge with a comprehensive ESG service offering. Our solution simplifies the intricate process of ESG reporting by adopting an 'as a service' concept. This approach streamlines the reporting process, making it more accessible and manageable for businesses

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Erica Ohlsson, Sustainability Lead

"I drive the sustainability agenda by applying my 13+ years of experience from consulting, sustainability and financial services in cases within ESG-reporting, strategy and business development"

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